Report of the Cochrane Empty Reviews Project Meeting at the 19th Cochrane Colloquium in Madrid, Spain

On Wednesday, 19 October 2011, The Cochrane Empty Reviews Project held a meeting at the 19th Cochrane Colloquium in Madrid, Spain to discuss their findings regarding the reporting of empty reviews in The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, review the key proceedings of a consensus meeting held in June 2011, discuss suggestions generated by the consensus group, and invite feedback.

Provided below is the link to the meeting presentation that informed the discussion:

The meeting convenors are in the process of drafting a formal report of the meeting proceedings and their recommendations to the Cochrane Collaboration, to be posted at a future date.

In the meantime, you are invited to list any comments/questions to this post.

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Professor of Social Work Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry Editor-in-Chief Journal of Social Work Education Co-PI Understanding and Improving Effectiveness of Eyewitness Identification Procedures
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